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About Us:

I have been collecting old cars for over 40 years.

In June of 2001. we had an auction and sold 70 collector and old cars, plus many parts. Cars were sold to the USA, Ontario, BC, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and one went to Denmark.

We resumed collecting right after the auction.
This time, we decided to collect mostly 50's and 60's vehicles as these are the years of style changes nearly every year. Beautiful styles were made in theses years and no two are alike.

My wife, Dodie, shares the same same enthusiasm in the cars as I do. So, we enjoy driving and showing them as well.


We again find that we have too many to work on and are willing to sell some of our collection. We have, of course a few special ones that are not for sale.

We hope that the cars we sell will find good homes and be enjoyed and appreciated, as well as preserved and "Not ending up in the junkyard".
Remember, they were once new and deserve a second life restored.



  • GST of 5% must be added to the selling price.
  • Payment by bank draft, money order or certified cheque only. Thanks!
  • We will help with loading.

  • We require a 10% deposit to hold a car, with an agreed time limit.
  • All autos and parts, etc. are sold "As Is". Many do require rebuilding or repair to be driven again.
  • None are safety inspected and will need to be before being licenced.
  • No Exceptions!


    For further infomation feel free to just give us a holler.

    Dwight Bergstrom (780) 352-9977



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