Part IX - Advanced Procedures:

More than just hair - Advanced Cosmetic Procedures with Electrolysis.
Did you know that electrolysis is a powerful tool for cosmetic procedures that go beyond just permanent hair removal? Your electrologist may be trained to take you beyond smooth skin and help you with other skin issues that detract from feeling and looking your best.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) are performed by a number of electrologists in our membership. It's important to keep in mind that additional training is required to deliver these services, so you'll need to interview your electrologist carefully to make sure they can handle your needs.

These procedures use the same equipment as is used for hair removal, applied in a different way to achieve the results of removing these blemishes and flaws.


What sort of issues can be dealt with?
  • Facial Thread Veins
  • Red Thread Veins
  • Age Spots
  • Moles
  • Warts
  • Milia

  • Pigmentation Marks
  • Skin Tags
  • Blood Spots

    To find a member who can help you with these treatment specialties, search our members directory and look for the ACP designations in their profiles.


    In part X, we'll show you how to Find An Electrolysis In Your Area (Alberta).