Part II - Does It Hurt?:

Electrolysis Hair Removal - Does it hurt?
If youíre considering electrolysis hair removal, you may be worried that treatment is going to be painful. That is one of the biggest misconceptions about electrolysis out there. Done well, electrolysis is not a painful experience. Even the most sensitive person can tolerate the treatments with proper care.

The truth is that electrolysis treatments do sting for a very brief period during treatment, but the sensation fades quickly. Itís more a feeling of discomfort than pain and it does not last.

Sensitivity does vary from person to person. If you know that you are prone to being sensitive, the most important thing you can do is choosing a professional electrologist who has experience and training.

The skill of your electrologist is the number one factor in assuring a pain-free experience, your comfort in communicating with your electrologist is the second.

You should feel confident that your electrologist will listen to you should you feel discomfort at any time during the treatment. You should not feel too intimated or embarrassed to express your feelings should you feel uncomfortable in any way during the treatment.

If your sensitivity tends towards the extreme, topical anaesthetic should be offered to help you tolerate treatment.

With the right electrolysis professional, there is no reason to fear that electrolysis will hurt. Our Member Directory can help you find an electrologist in your area if you live in Alberta. If you are outside Alberta, you can find links to other electrolysis associations within Canada by Clicking Here.


In part III, we'll explain what happens at Your First Visit.