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Our Mission
The Good Samaritan Society is a Lutheran social service organization. The mission of the Good Samaritan Society is to extend Christian Hospitality through a continuum of care to those in need or at risk, regardless of race or religious belief.

The Good Samaritan Society has developed and implememted numerous innovations in care and housing and provides support and services to help all residents feel at home and become an integrated part of the local neighborhood.


Our Vision
That the Good Samaritan Society will grow in strength, excellence and creativity in caring for others.


Our Values
Reflecting Christian Hospitality, the values of The Good Samaritan Society are:

  1. HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS - In a spirit of compassion, we work in supportive partnerships and open our hearts to others by affirming their goodness and potential.

  2. HOSPITABLE ENVIRONMENTS - We provide safe, comfortable communities inspiring involvement, where people experience a sense of caring, belonging and purpose.

  3. SERVANT LEADERSHIP - We lead through giving of ourselves in service to ohers, by acting with courage in a trustworthy and ethical manner.


Our Commitment
At The Good Samaritan Society, while we understand and care for the unique needs of residents and clients, we also address their social and spiritual needs.

Through Christian hospitality, we strive to create a free and friendly environment where we can reach out to our residents as fellow human beings and invite them into a friendly and empowering relationship of care.


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