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Reporting of sites with objectionable content. attempts to ensure all sites linked to are free of objectionable content.

It is always possible, however that something may get past our screening and monitoring. This would be mainly due to the increasing number of sites linked to in this project and also to the fact that after passing our initial scrutiny and being linked to, the content in some sites may change.

If you have come across a site containing something objectionable we appreciate your concern in reporting it to us. Please fill out the form below and click the SUBMIT button. Thank you and have a great day.


To investigate a problem site it is essential we are given the exact "URL" (the internet address ie.- http://www. ......) of the offending site. (This can be found at the top of your screen when you are viewing the offending site)

Merely saying "There is a site with objectionable content on it" just wouldn't help enough as we don't have the manpower to check all the pages on the hundreds of sites we are being linked to.


Hint for Novice Users:

One way to ensure you get the URL exactly into the form below is to copy and paste the url address. You can do this by:
(Windows) Highlight (by clicking on) the white box containing the URL of the offending site. (This will make it turn Blue)

Next, hold down the "Control" key at the bottom left of your keyboard.

While the control key is being held down, press the "C" key. (This copies the address into your computer¹s "temporary" memory)

Then come back to this page and click inside the white part of the first text box below.

Last, hold down the "Control" key again and then press the "V" key. (This copies the URL address inside the form)

For Macs you can do the same thing. The only difference is you use the "Apple" key instead of the "Control" key.


Please give the complete, exact URL of the offending site:*

Please give the URL of the page in where the link to this offending site is found:*


In the box below, please state the nature of your concern: (ie.- Profanity, pornography, illegal activities, etc.)*

Thank you for reporting this offending site to us. If you would like us to be able to get back to you, you can fill out the forms below (optional). Being able to contact you would really help in case we can't find the problem you have seen. You would also be able to receive confirmation we have checked your concern out.

Your Name:

Your Phone#:





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