About Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada
35 minutes south of Edmonton in the Heart of Central Alberta

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Wetaskiwin, Alberta:
The Best Place to Be!

Wetaskiwin is an active, rural city of approx. 11,000 people situated in the central heartland of the Province of Alberta. (Maps)
Wetaskiwin's ideal location, climate, clean environment, and industrious people make this community an ideal location to visit, live, work, and raise a family.

Below are some of the features offered by this community:

  • Clean Air, Good Water:
    Wetaskiwin is surrounded by a large fertile agricultural area with numerous lakes and parks.   Aerial View 1   2  3  4
    A short 30 minute drive to the west will take one to areas where much of the land begins to be covered with natural trees and forests.

    The prevailing winds come to Wetaskiwin mainly from the west, where there are no major cities or large industries - only farms, then trees and forests all the way to the Rocky Mountains and then the Pacific Ocean.

    Thus Wetaskiwin enjoys a source of clean, fresh air while being ideally located in the rich north-south corridor of Alberta.
    Wetaskiwin also enjoys abundant, good water.

  • Easy Commuting Distance:
    Edmonton, Alberta's capital city, has expanded significantly to the south in the past few years.
    The southern part of the capital city is now just an easy 35 minute drive from Wetaskiwin.   Map
    With affordable housing prices and a peaceful setting Wetaskiwin is now just becoming discovered as an ideal place to move to and raise a family.

  • Climate:
    Living in Wetaskiwin offers one the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons. Warm summer days, fantastic autumn colors, fresh white winter snow, then bright sunny spring days watching fresh water running as the Earth renews.

    Wetaskiwin also normally enjoys ample rainfall. Farming is done in the area with little or no irrigation, and in the city are thousands of healthy lush trees, most rarely needing to be watered.

    Wetaskiwin was honored as the winning city in the Alberta Year 2000 "Communities in Bloom" contest. The competition is between cities of comparable size all across Alberta and placed Wetaskiwin as the top city in the province in its category.
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    This honor qualified Wetaskiwin to move up and compete with other cities across Canada at the National level. In 2001 and 2002, Wetaskiwin placed very well.

    Then in 2003, in the 10,001 - 20,000 population category, Wetaskiwin won it all and was named the "Communities in Bloom National Champion".
    At the same event Wetaskiwin also won as second award for the "Tidiest City in Canada" (in a combined category including cities of all sizes.)
      Award Photos

    Communities in Bloom Website

  • Lifestyle Choices:
    Whether you wish to live in the city, by a lake, on a farm, or in the country on an acreage, all these choices are available in Wetaskiwin City and County.

  • Prices:
    Wetaskiwin's auto dealers operate by a common motto which is advertised and reknown throughout North America - "Cars Cost Less in Wetaskiwin".
    With low country overhead and big city volumes, plus an unwavering commitment to this motto, these dealers have made Wetaskiwin the North American City with the highest per-capita auto sales for many years.
    Wetaskiwin Automotive Index

    A lesser known fact is that "Many things cost less in Wetaskiwin".

  • Real estate, housing, and rental accomodation can be found in Wetaskiwin for prices well below those in nearby Edmonton and its satellite communities.
    Wetaskiwin Real Estate Companies

  • Many Wetaskiwin merchants have become very aggressive in being competitive with larger businesses in nearby Edmonton. Check out prices in a local sports store, restaurant, antique store, repair shop, carpet store, and many other businesses and you are likely to be very surprised and pleased with their competitive pricing - with personal down-home service included.
    Wetaskiwin Businesses
    Current Advertised Deals in Wetaskiwin

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    Wetaskiwin, Alberta - The Best Place to Be!

Wetaskiwin - The Best Place to Locate Your Business


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