Welcome to Vang Church!
- 8 miles north of Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Vang Lutheran Church is recorded as the first-ever Norwegian Lutheran Church built west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The original Vang congregation was formed on May 18, 1899.
The name "Vang" was chosen to commemorate the the birthplace of it's founding members - Vang, Valdres, Norway.

As the Vang community was originally settled by Norwegian settlers, the church services were conducted in the Norwegian language until 1922.

After that, the services switched to English and have been so ever since.

Through the past 100+ years Vang Church has evolved with the changing times to serve a wide range of constituents in and around the community. Today the congregation consists of a diverse collection of people in the area and from neighboring towns. (Wetaskiwin, Millet)

At Vang Church we heartily welcome everyone interested in joining us to worship our Lord.

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