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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Can I run copies of my ad in other newspapers as well and direct viewers see the pictures in Wetaskiwin Online?

    A: Certainly.

    Your Featured Photo Ad in Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online is the central place where you can display the pictures of your item. The included classified ad in the Pipestone Flyer newspaper will help direct viewers to these pictures.

    Then, for even wider coverage you can just advertise a short description with the web address (i.e. - See photos at"yourad") anywhere else you think of (other newspapers, community billboards, word of mouth, even radio or tv) to increase the number of viewers who will go and see it.

    This enables you to get extensive coverage at significant savings (only needing to pay once for posting all your pictures.)


  3. Q: Can I change or add pictures or text to my Featured Photo ad after it has been posted?

    A: Yes. You would just contact us and give us directions for the changes. Also these changes can usually be made very quickly - often the same day requested. There would normally be an additional charge for changes.


  5. Q: How long does my photo ad run? What are the additional charges for extending this time?

    A: Your ad runs as long as you wish.The cost of running it is only $7.00 per week, regardless of the amount of content in the ad.


  7. Q: How and when is my featured photo ad taken off line?

    A: Your photo ad is normally taken down on the date you specify. Should you wish to have it deleted earlier (i.e. - Immediately after your item sells) just Contact Us (N/C)


  9. Q: How do I pay for my Featured Photo ad?

    A: Photo ads must be paid for in advance unless you have an account with either Wetaskiwin Online, camrose Online or Ponoka Online. Should you wish to apply to open an account Click Here.


  10. Q: Can I run a photo ad for things other than real estate or automobiles?

    A: Absolutely. Here are a few examples:

    • Any item where the pictures could help bring interested parties closer to a resolution.
      This could include valuable antiques, rental or vacation units, livestock, machinery, business services, sales or promotions and lots more.
    • Weddings, Births, Anniversaries - With a Featured Photo ad you could post a whole variety of pictures to show others that special person, day, or celebration.

    • Events. Ever attend a family reunion? Usually someone is snapping a ton of pictures of the event and the people. Afterward though, it is often difficult to distribute the pictures easily to the many who might like a copy.

      Now, one person could simply have all the best pictures put in a Featured Photo Ad so everyone could obtain the ones they want by simply copying them from the ad onto their home computer. If that person wants to be really efficient, they could arrange for the ad ahead of time and we could provide them with the web address where their pictures will be posted. (i.e. - ).

      Then the address could be given to everyone at the event so they can check on Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online for the pictures, and get them once they are posted.
      Should the family or group wish their pictures be more private and not advertised, we can even do that as well.

    • Memorials. In memory of a loved one you can place an obituary with pictures. An album of moments in the life of your loved one could also be created. These could be either for the public (advertised) or private (i.e. - for sharing precious memories with friends and family from afar). Contact Us for details.

    • Organizations, teams or other: Want to display highlight photos of the tournament or championship your team just won? With a Featured Photo Ad you can do just that.
      Does your organization need to advertise an event? A Featured Photo Ad may be a great solution. You could even order customized pages if preferred.


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