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To order a Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online Featured Photo Ad or for further information please feel free to contact us by either of the following methods :
  1. Call Wetaskiwin Online, Camrose Online, or Ponoka Online at (780) 352-6950
  2. Email Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online by Clicking Here
  3. Complete the form below and Submit

Upon receiving your order, we will contact you with a price quote for setup of the ad before proceeding.
After the initial setup, the cost of running your Featured Ad is only $7.00 per week.

Please specify in the form when you wish the ad to begin in Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online.

*Please check the correct instruction below:
 I wish to order a Featured Photo Ad.

 I would like to inquire about a Featured Photo Ad (To inquire by using this form you will need to fill out the questions marked with a *. To use a shorter form Click Here )


Enter the category of the item or announcement for your featured ad:



  1. *Check the method you wish to use for getting your pictures to us:
    I would like you to take the pictures.
    I would like to arrange for pickup or to drop them off in Wetaskiwin.
    I am emailing them to you.   
    NOTE: If emailing your photos from your computer you can Click Here right now and send them, then return here to complete and send this form.
    Other (i.e. - mail)
    If you checked "Other" give instructions here:

    To send your pictures by mail, use the following addresses:
    To Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online:
    Wetaskiwin Online
    4515 - 46 Ave
    Wetaskiwin, Ab  T9A 0G8

    * If sending your pictures by mail we can return them to you at no charge if you enclose a self-addressed envelope with postage stamp


  2. *When would you like your ad in Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online to begin?
    Right Away
    At the same time as the next issue of the Pipestone Flyer comes out.
    If you checked "Other" give instructions here:


  3. State the number of pictures you wish to place in your Premium Picture Ad:


  4. If any of your pictures are vertical (standing on end) there are two choices for displaying them (same cost):
    1) Display these vertical pictures 3" wide and 4" high in the center
    2) Display them as 4" by 6" pop-ups
    To view an example Click Here

    If any of your pictures are vertical (stand on end) check below the way you would like them displayed
    Display them 3" wide x 4" high in the center
    Display them as the larger 4" x 6"pop-ups.
    Other (If other, place directions in box at bottom of form)


  5. *Please enter the title for your ad (up to 8 words):  


  6. *Please enter the price of your item (optional):  


  7. *Please enter your contact information (phone, fax, and/or email:  


  8. Place any text or description you would like on the Featured Photo page in the box below:


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  10. *Address:


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  12. Alt. Phone:  
  13. Email:  


  14. *Method of Payment preferred:
      When your rep comes out and takes the pictures
      In Wetaskiwin when I give you my pictures. Please arrange for contact.
      I currently have an account at Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online. Please invoice me.


  15. * How many consective weeks do you wish your ad to run?

    If unknown, you can use the option of prepaying for a certain length of time. Once your item sells we could then credit the unused balance to your account or refund the difference.
    NOTE: For refunds a $3.00 service charge would apply.  

    The cost for continuing to run your entire Featured Ad is $7.00 / each additional week.

    Place any further instructions or questions in the box below: