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Q: What can running a Featured Photo ad in Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online do for you?

A: Many powerful and exciting things:

  • Widen your viewing audience
    Have your item seen by local and regional viewers plus the many worldwide viewers who visit Wetaskiwin Online, Camrose Online and Ponoka Online through hundreds of links and search engines.

  • Advertise your item or special in detail with pictures.
    This is a very powerful selling tool. Interested viewers can see full descriptions of your items right from their computer at any time.

  • All interested viewers can see your ad:
    Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online takes special care in designing ads to ensure they will load quickly enough for viewers who have a slower modem connection. That way all interested viewers can access your ad, regardless of their connection speed.

  • Save more of your valuable time:
    A Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online photo ad can answer frequently asked questions about the description of your item for you.
    As well, you can direct other interested inquirers to view the detailed pictures of your item by using the SHORTCUT URLs -,,, and

    This can save both you and your caller valuable time and/or mileage. Also, a person who contacts you after seeing pictures and a good description of your item online usually will have a genuine interest.

  • Save Money:
    A Featured Photo is displayed in Wetaskiwin Online, Camrose Online and Ponoka Online, and is far less expensive than most other forms of advertising.

    The cost consists of three parts:
    1) Setup of the original ad page(s). This varies depending on the amount of content and complexity. Starts at $20.00
    2) Running the ad. The cost is only $9.00 per week or $35.00/month. The size of the ad doesn't matter.
    3) Changes made to the ad afterward. Changes and updates can be made at any time. The cost of this is normally quite minimal.

    Your Featured Ad can contain lots of content, pictures and description at a very low cost.

    It can then be further optimized for exposure
    Featured and Photo ads can also work well in combination with other advertising.
    Place the URL (i.e. - in your printed advertising and direct customers to your Featured ad, which can have much more detail, usually at a fraction of the cost.
    An example is shown below:

3 Bdr. house for sale in (your town). (Optional short description). $Price. Ph: (780) your-number.
See photos at

NOTE: You can use either,,,, or to get to the main Featured Ad page

This way interested buyers can conveniently see actual detailed color photographs of what you have for sale.

You get extensive, detailed advertising at significant overall savings.

  • SUPER SAVINGS - Save money on renewals:
  • Ads in most mediums run for only one issue and then must be renewed at full price or clost to it. This can be at a substantial cost, especially if the ad is large and descriptive.

    FEATURED ADS work differently.
    After being initially set up, the cost of running a Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online Featured Ad is only $9.00 per week or $35.00 per month. The size of the ad doesn't matter.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Order a Featured Photo ad now and receive an extra free bonus ad in the Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online e-Classifieds text ads section
    This text ad can be up to 150 words in length, and you can place it in minutes right from your own computer. You can also log back in and edit that ad at any time.

    This bonus ad can be used to give additional coverage for your featured ad or may be used for something entirely different.
    Available while your Featured ad is running.


    Other Services Available:

    We can come out and take your pictures on digital camera, if you require that service. Contact Us for rates.

    Picture touch-ups:
    We normally check all pictures and do minor adjustments to make them the correct size and optimal for showing on the web, as part of the service listed above.
    Should you need more extensive corrections (i.e. - removing a person or object from your photo) we can certainly do that for you. Contact Us for quote.

    Note: We also do advanced graphic work, such as restoring old photos, etc. Should you ever be in need of this service feel free to Contact Us.

    Need Something Else?
    At Wetaskiwin/Camrose/Ponoka Online we can custom-build virtually any style of online advertisement for you, including full scale websites. If you are looking for something different or more extensive than the examples shown above Contact Us.
    Just tell us what you need and we can find a solution!


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