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Lakeside Heavy Equipment Ltd.
Company Overview

Lakeside Heavy Equipment Ltd. was formed in 1993. At first, it was primarily involved in repairing heavy equipment, specializing in pipeline construction. Over the years, more time was spent around ditching equipment and being involved in major overhauls with Majestic, Bannister, O.J., Marine and Spie, just to name a few.


In 2002, Lakeside was offered a distributorship from Tesmec, U.S.A. to sell and service their equipment. In 2005, after successfully selling 7 units and getting the rocksaw to work in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, I personally sold my half of the dealership and am doing what I liked best as a dealer - and that is using the equipment.

Lakeside has, along with myself, a team of very experienced people who have cut rock from Algeria to the Yukon and have gathered up a substantial collection of information on teeth application vs. type of rock. We also specialize in backfilling techniques, padding and shading of your pipeline using spill from the trencher.
This eliminates expensive sand padding, foam, gunite, rockshield, etc. from your bottom line.
We are also able to work next to sensitive underground utilities, watertables, buildings and wildlife without disturbing them as blasting does.

Employing our trenching equipment and methods can provide you a significant saving in your clean-up costs. Plus the overall quality of the finished clean-up will be higher due to the lack of bolders that never seem to fit back where they came from.

From our chain trenchers and road miners (20" cut x 12' wide used for ROW operations) to our pipe padding equipment, I'm sure we can help you finish on time and in the black, along with happy landowners and wildlife.

Jay Cridland
President - Lakeside Heavy Equipment Ltd.


Lakeside Heavy Equipment Ltd. - Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Phone: (780) 352-4687
Cell: (780) 387-6495
Fax: (780) 352-4681
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