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Contact Information:
Please feel free to contact Lakeside Heavy Equipment Ltd. in any of the following ways:

Phone: (780) 352-4687
Cell: (780) 387-6495

Fax: (780) 352-4681


Mail Address:
Lakeside Heavy Equipment
RR #3, Wetaskiwin Alberta
T9A 1X1

For a quote on your project you may also print our PDF Quote Form and fax it, or simply fill in and submit our online form below:

  • Printable PDF Quote Form



    Trenching Quote or Feasibility Form:
    Your Company Name:
    Postal Code:
    Contact Person Name:
    Cell: Phone:
    Description Of Job:
    Job Location:
    Total Km:
    Depth of Ditch:
    Width of Ditch:
    Psi of Rock To Be Removed:
    Or: Soil Type:
    Description of Terrain:
    i.e. - Steep inclines, city streets, National Park, etc.
    Dust Control Required?: Yes No
    Noise Control Required?: Yes No
    Arrangements for Spill:
    i.e. - Screened, loaded directly into truck, etc., RH or LH discharge?
    ETA For Startup:
    ETA For Completion:
    We can modify our equipment to adapt to almost any situation - from working on asphalt, loading into trucks on rubber undercarriage, to working on sensitive permafrost, steep inclines; from 60 degrees C to -60 degrees C.

    There are normally situations that require special attention.
    Please list any that you can think of below:






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